The Best Way To Lose Weight For Mature Women

Losing Abdominal Fat

Concerned about the extra pounds settling around your waistline? Wondering what’s the best way to lose weight for a woman over 50?

Weight gain during the transition of menopause is very common. Studies have shown that most women gain an average of 12- 15 pounds during this phase of life.

Our body configuration changes to more of an apple shape as we deposit the extra weight around our abdominal area.

If that isn’t enough of a challenge, our metabolism decreases by 5% per decade from menopause to end of life.

We all know that obesity has negative affects on our health. But did you know that when a woman gains weight during midlife she markedly increases her risk of breast cancer and diabetes?

A study (Eliassen, JAMA, 2006) that followed 50,000 nurses over a 2 year period found women who gained 22 pounds or more following menopause had significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Another study (Mishra, Diabetes Care< 2007) of 7000 women aged 45- 50 found that those with a BMI (body mass index) of 25 or greater greatly increased their risk of developing diabetes.

On a more positive note, women over 50 who change their lifestyles and eating habits can successfully lose weight and keep it off. They’ve found the best way to lose weight at this stage of life.

What to do to lose Weight
So what do these women do differently?

  • They eat a relatively low fat diet and watch their portions thereby limiting calorie consumption.
  • They have a set eating plan or routine which surprisingly does not include a lot of variety. Why? They’ve developed the healthy habit of eating to live instead of living to eat.
  • They regularly include nutrients in their diet that are helpful to post menopausal women.
  • They allow for small splurges and plan them in advance.
  • They start their day with a simple, healthy breakfast to jump start their metabolism.
  • They keep their blood sugar level throughout the day by eating 4 – 5 times. Small portions.
  • They’re active. These women realize what they’ve done in the past is no longer working. They’ve adapted their activity and exercise for this stage of life.
  • To stay on track they monitor their progress on a regular basis.
  • Through trail and correction, they’ve learned what works for them and… they do it day after day after day.

Change Begins In The Mind

Want to join the ranks of trim, vibrant, mature women? Think of menopause as a new beginning. Accept the physical and emotional challenges of this stage of life as natural.

See yourself looking and feeling good as you continue to age. Find this difficult? Find role models in friends or people in the public eye. Use pictures to remind yourself it is possible. Create a wellness vision for this phase of your life.

Realize you are more grounded, accomplished, and wiser than you were in your 20’s. Give yourself credit. Then…

Use those hard-earned smarts and approach weight loss in a healthy, balanced manner. Be realistic. It’s the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

Finding Your Best Way To Lose Weight…


If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, learn more about this disease and develop a safe exercise program for your condition.

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