The Why's Of Physical Fitness Tests For Mature Women

You know you want to get into shape. Why bother doing physical fitness tests?

Imagine you decided to take a road trip to Chicago but aren't sure of the way. A good first step would be to buy a map. Which map you buy depends on where you are starting from.

The same is true of your fitness journey. Physical fitness tests discover your strengths and weaknesses - your starting fitness level.

This helps you...

Get Real

You've decided to get fit. Maybe you've even created a vision of what you will look like and be able to do once you're fit.That's a great first step. Now make it real.

Do you have any old injuries or dysfunctions? Will they get in your way? What fitness components do you need to do well to accomplish your vision?

Whether it's flexibility, balance, aerobic fitness, strength, posture or body fat, physical fitness testing clearly shows you where you are right now.

Once you know how far you have to go and which areas you most need to work on, you can design the best fitness program for your needs.

Set goals

Setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevent and time-based) goals is part of the path to success.

Saying I want to get in shape won't cut it. It's just too vague. "By Febuary 20th I will be walking briskly for 45 minutes per day three days per week" is a clearly defined fitness goal.

To set a clear, realistic fitness goal you need to know where you are starting from and what you enjoy doing.

Stay Motivated

As you become fit you will have increased energy, notice an overall sense of well-being and look better in your clothes. However these benefits take time to appear.

In the meantime, nothing increases motivation like seeing yourself succeed. Re-doing your fitness tests periodically and comparing them to your starting point shows your progress in black and white. Just knowing you plan to re-check yourself at a specific time can help keep you on track.

And if you don't make progress? The results from your fitness tests can help you learn from your mistakes, tweak your program and get the results you want.

Which Fitness Tests Should I Do?

In order to be active and prevent injury you need a well balanced program. The major components of fitness are: aerobic, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and posture.

If you are concerned about your weight percent body fat or body mass index (BMI) can also be measured.

It's important to check with your physician before doing fitness tests or beginning and exercise program.

Once that's out of the way...

Fitness Tests

Strength Tests
Aerobic Tests
Endurance Tests
Flexibility Tests
Balance Tests
Posture Tests
Body Composition Tests

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