Strength Training Routines

Strength training routines do more than just reshape your hips or thighs...

Weight lifting exercises slow the muscle loss that occurs with aging,
help prevent (bone thinning) osteoporosis, improve our sleep, decrease our
risk of injury and keep our blood sugar levels healthy. Not to mention improving our balance, mental health and long term weight loss success.

... In other words resistance training helps turn back time.

A word of warning though. Strength training reshapes not only your body - it reshapes your life. Become strong in your body and you become strong in your life. So If you don't want to join the ranks of strong, vibrant, mature women - turn back now. Otherwise...

Begin With The Basics

  • Educate yourself about what happens in your muscles when you strength train and what some of the benefits of strength training are.
  • Test your strength to see where you're starting from.
  • Once you have the results of your strength tests, set some goals around getting stronger. Design a strength training program that meets your needs. Get help from a certified personal trainer or physical therapist if needed.
  • Keep a workout log to track your progress and help you stay motivated.
  • Reward yourself for the progress you're making.

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